How to Organize a Neighborhood Clean-Up Day

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

Look around your neighborhood, and there's bound to be some areas in need of some TLC. Trash buildup across Boston happens almost overnight. As a concerned resident, you can put your organizing talents to good use by cleaning up! Don't take on this challenge as an individual - learn how to arrange a neighborhood clean-up day from our valuable tips so that natural beauty is the only sight in your beloved area.

1. First, Select a Date

The smartest way to organize this project is by choosing a date first. The Freshwater Society suggests a date that's at least one month out. A weekend date is normally preferred so that most residents have the day off.

A month's time gives potential volunteers a chance to schedule this project into their planners. A surprise clean-up in Boston won't always give you a large turnout.

2. Choose a Target Area

Public beaches, parks, and even the street right outside your house are great options. Neglected parks and overlooked public spaces might be hubs of trash and debris. Select a particular region that's large enough for a group to spend several hours during the project. You may even work with the city in order to select an area that's perfectly suited for the clean-up service.

3. Personalize the Recruitment Process

Real-estate experts, such as the professionals at NextHome Titletown, would suggest a personalized approach to recruiting clean-up volunteers. Start with word of mouth, including discussions with immediate neighbors. Branch out with other strategies, such as:

  • Handing out flyers at a local event

  • Walking door to door

  • Working with an established organization

By making the recruiting invite personal, more people will take up the cause.

4. Expand Efforts With Publicity

Personalized touches are incredibly important, but you'll reach more people if you expand your recruitment to social media. Launch a Facebook event and posting within local Facebook community groups. Ask friends to share and post information about the upcoming event.

Don't forget to respond to questions and comments. Being active online will only help you find eager individuals who want to help the surrounding community.

5. Work With Community Leaders

A clever way to advertise your event is by working with community leaders. Boston City Council members, business owners, and other individuals in power can also advertise the event and find more participants.

They can also help with organizing logistical matters, such as:

  • Ensuring that traffic doesn't flow through the target area during the event

  • Offering law-enforcement personnel if necessary

Coming together as a team will solidify the community so that everyone will want to buy their next home in Boston.

6. Organize the Tools

Remember to organize the basics for the neighborhood clean-up. These items should include:

  • Trash bags

  • Gloves

  • Safety vests

  • First-aid kits

  • Tools (such as shovels, rakes, scissors)

When your recruits show up on clean-up day, you can quickly outfit them and put them to work. Consider including gift cards or coupon / offers from local businesses as incentives to work hard and participate. Everyone deserves a reward at the end of the day!

7. Advertise the Success

Don't forget to advertise the event's success after the date. This step is part of the organization process because it's a pathway toward future clean-up projects in and around Boston real estate. Post photos and videos on social media, tag participants, and comment about the project. Everyone enjoys a happy ending.

We love participating in neighborhood clean-up events, so please reach out and contact NextHome Titletown with any questions, ways that we can help you through sponsorship or publicity, or about any other real estate questions or neighborhood information. Our team of skilled real estate agents can guide you toward a home purchase, home sale, or an investment property.

We take pride in Boston's neighborhoods. Be part of a strong community today with a real-estate purchase that benefits you and your loved ones.


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