Quick Ways to Boost Resale Value

Updated: Mar 31, 2019

Yes, properties tend to appreciate over time. However, your property’s appreciation in value isn’t solely dependent on external factors like location, scarcity, and market demand. You are in control of some of your value, and there are some quick ways to boost value that more than pay for themselves:

Clean up.

You’d be surprised how many property owners think a quick dusting and vacuuming is all that you need. It’s not. To show better in photos and in person, you’ll need to engage a professional cleaner. For a reasonably low price and quick turnaround, your property will show much better and command a better price.


A fresh coat of neutral paint will go far! A lot of buyers have no imagination. They can’t see past loud, dated, or worn colors. With a quick coat of neutral paint, you’ll win over those picky buyers. While we at NextHome Titletown love bright orange, try a universally popular paint color such as white, beige, gray, or light blue. Remember, it’s not about your taste. It’s about the buyers’.

Make basic repairs.

Details matter! Don’t ignore the minor repairs - loose doorknobs, broken switch plates, or broken cabinet hardware. Buyers will notice them, so proactively take care of them. Worse, many buyers will assume that these small problems indicate larger ones. Even if a buyer misses these items early on, they can cause tedious re-negotiations after the home inspection.

Rearrange the furniture.

Your furniture may work for you, but it may not frame your home in the best light. Too much furniture will make the room feel crowded and small. Too little furniture will make your home feel cold and uninviting. Get a fresh, outside opinion on your home staging and rearrange the furniture in advance of taking the listing photos.

Renovate the bathroom and kitchen.

Sure, this isn’t as quick or as easy as our other suggestions, but kitchens and bathrooms are key in the perceived value of a home. Depending on your market or your home, simple improvements such as new fixtures or appliances may make the difference. A few custom touches - such as a thoughtful backsplashes or replacement hardware - can transform a plain kitchen into a luxurious one.

Replace flooring.

The flooring should match the home’s price point. If you are competing in a hardwood market, your linoleum floors will not win over buyers. Improving the flooring to match or beat the market will help you command a better price.

Add some architectural designs.

To cap it all off, add some points of interest in the home. Splurging on one or two focal points will add some spice to your listing photos and make the showings more memorable. Be creative here. It can be a light fixture, a door, or nearly anything. It just needs to be visible and interesting.

While all of these suggestions are important and very effective, be careful not to overdo it! Know your market and its buyers’ expectations.

If you need help understanding which home improvements will command the highest returns on investment here in New England, please drop us a line at NextHome Titletown.

We’re available at 617.657.9811 or contact@nexthometitletown.com.

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