4 Ways Your Real Estate Agent Supports Your Home Sale Behind-The-Scenes

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

When you hire NextHome Titletown Real Estate to sell your home, there are obvious things you notice us doing to help your house sell. Hosting open houses, private home tours, arranging for professional photography and cleaning services, and marketing your property in multiple ways across MLS and on social media in order to ensure that it received maximum exposure are the most obvious ones.

But when it comes to adding value to your home sale, that’s just the beginning. A huge percentage of our job takes place behind-the-scenes, and we’re working 24/7 to get your property sold — even when you’re not looking!

Here are 4 behind-the-scenes manners in which, as your real estate agency, NextHome Titletown is working to get your house sold:

1. Conducting comprehensive market research

There is an art to pricing your property that involves understanding market trends, comparable properties currently listed, recent sales, and external market forces that guide pricing direction. We definitely do not simply just pull a random number out of a hat. At NextHome Titletown Real Estate, our recommendation is a result of extensive market research to price your home attractively to both buyers and you, the seller.

We pull data on comparable properties in your area (from both the MLS and any public databases) for the past six to twelve months, studying how each home was priced and how they correlated to the average time the property sat on the market. Then, we build a comparable market analysis to estimate the market value of your property and propose a listing price.

All of these insights gathered from our behind-the-scenes research are crucial to pricing your property correctly.

2. Gathering relevant information for buyers

A critical part of the home selling process is providing complete and precise information to potential buyers. But most of the information buyers want isn’t something you, as a seller, will have accessible.

Your NextHome Titletown Real Estate assembles all the data a potential purchaser should know so that if and when they request it, it's all set. Our agents can investigate items such as the average gas or electric usage of your property for the past 12 months, a thorough breakdown of the home’s floor plan, and a list of all available utility vendors in the area to make it available to buyers, which saves you a ton of time and hassle.

3. Scheduling private showings and handling questions

As part of our marketing efforts at NextHome Titletown Real Estate, we will have your property listed on the MLS, across social media, and in multiple public forums in order to maximize exposure. Once that listing goes live, our phones tend to ring nonstop and the emails arrive swiftly! Someone needs to manage all the inquiries, follow up with interested buyers, and schedule showings - that’s us!

The Open House and the Private Tour are just a small part of the process. At that point, we have likely fielded several email inquiries, answered multiple phone calls, speaking with buyer’s agents and attempting to filter out people who aren’t serious about viewing — and potentially buying — your home (although it’s a tough process - sometimes the most eager potential buyers tend to flake out, and the least obvious ones are who submit offers!)

The call you get to schedule the tour is the last step in a lengthy scheduling process — most of which your agent manages behind-the-scenes.

4. Managing the close (and all the logistics that go with it)

Now, once a qualified buyer makes an offer on your home — and you choose to accept it — our job at NextHome Titletown Real Estate as your real estate agent goes into high gear. There’s plenty of the closing process (from negotiating with the buyers to reviewing contracts) that you’ll be able to witness up close and personal.

But there’s a lot more that goes into managing the sale of your home then what you actually see from us.

We must ensure that the signed offer, signed Purchase & Sale, and any additional paperwork is sent to everyone involved, including the lender, the buyer’s agent, the title company, and any attorneys. We have to file a status change with MLS from “For Sale” to “Contingent” and, eventually, to “Sold.” And approaching the closing date, we schedule the final walkthrough with the buyers and their agent.

Lots of logistics! But that’s our job at NextHome Titletown Real Estate! When you work with us, we manage all of the details throughout the closing process, hopefully saving you time, money, and frustration.

When you work with NextHome Titletown Real Estate, what you see is truly just the beginning. The home tours, the Open Houses, the emails and phone calls are all just a small percentage of the work that we’re actually doing! We are working around the clock to get your home sold.


NextHome Titletown Real Estate is Greater Boston's progressive real estate brokerage! We use the best of new technology and old-fashioned relationship building to deliver results to our homebuyers, sellers, and property investors. Our agents' diverse experience can help you win in any corner of Boston's real estate market.

Whether you prefer to sell your home, rent your home, or purchase an investment property, we are experts in our field, and know the local Boston Real Estate market well. We can analyze your unique situation, and provide you the very best options for your financial future.

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