4 Reasons to Live in Winthrop

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

With only 1.6 square miles, Winthrop offers unparalleled panoramic views of the Boston Skyline and the ocean on all sides. In that small area, you’ll find many reasons to live in Winthrop.

1. It’s where small town meets the big city.

This little peninsula gives you a small town feel within sight of downtown Boston and boasts beaches, shops, and cozy restaurants. Want to feel some of this for yourself? Check out Hi-Tide. This Mom and Pop shop gives you a classic, affordable homemade meal and friendly locals to chat with.

2. Beaches and Space to Play.

Geography gives this small town 7 miles of beaches, including Winthrop Beach and Yirrell Beach. From the beaches, you can beat the heat in the shadow of the city. Though parking is limited in this small area, beach access is allowed by boat.


A nice dinner or night out in the city can be expensive. Winthrop’s restaurants, such as D’Parma or Belle Isle Seafood, are all nearly BYOB however. This means you can save a few dollars while eating out in town, avoiding exorbitant drink prices!

4. Convenient Commute

When you need to get to Boston, Winthrop’s only a short trip. MBTA buses 712 and 713 have multiple stops directly into town, which easily take you to the Blue Line. These buses run opposite of each other every half hour, meaning always have a cost effective commute to the city. Additionally, you can always take the ferry that runs from the Winthrop Yacht Club straight to the Seaport.

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